Top national blogger to alleviate fears of political reporting

Leeds Trinity news hub where George Eaton will run his masterclass

Leeds Trinity news hub where George Eaton will run his masterclass

by James Grayson

Journalism students who fear the world of political reporting should go and see New Statesman online blogger George Eaton during Journalism Week.

This is the view of Catherine O’Connor, Leeds Trinity’s head of journalism.

Mr Eaton is the editor of The New Statesman magazine’s online political blog The Staggers.

He previously worked for after graduating from Warwick University in 2008. He also has appearances on BBC News, CNN, Al-Jazeera and Radio 4 to his name and Ms O’ Connor believes the hour-long talk will be very useful for those uncomfortable with the world of politics.

She said: “Politics is something students can sometimes be intimidated by because the big issues. When you are starting out, interviewing big politicians can be quite difficult. But students will hear from someone with experience of doing that and translating it so it should be really good.”

The New Statesman is a centre-left magazine which was founded in 1913 and has a circulation of just over 25,000.

Mr Eaton began working for The New Statesman as a staff writer in 2009 before being appointed as the editor of The Staggers in March 2012.

As well as being an avid tweeter, he can be found commenting on political decisions made by the current coalition Government.

But it is his experience as an online blogger that attracted Leeds Trinity University to approach him with a view to speaking at Journalism Week.

Ms ‘O Connor said: “Students will get a lot from it because he covers and interprets politics, but on an online format. He will give students an insight to what is involved.”

Mr Eaton is appearing for one hour in AG27 at 12 noon on Thursday. The New Statesman blog The Staggers – can be found on Twitter @georgeeaton


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