Students excited ahead of Calendar presenters’ talk

By Emma Wilkinson

The excitement of Journalism Week is about to descend on Leeds Trinity University and two eagerly awaited speakers are Calendar anchors Duncan Wood and Christine Talbot.

christine and duncan article_077125b5f8b14abd_1338373071_9j-4aaqsk

Ms Talbot has been a part of the ITV Yorkshire team for nearly 20 years and now co-
presents Calendar with Mr Wood, who joined the programme in 2003.

The presenters may be at ease in front of the camera now but both began their journalism
careers in the print world. Ms Talbot initially wrote for local newspapers in Lancashire and
Mr Wood wrote for papers at a local and national level, before moving into broadcasting in
the late 1980s.

Mr Wood, a self-confessed sports fanatic, entered into the television world as a sports
presenter but Ms Talbot – who has twice been nominated for the Royal Television Society’s
Best Presenter Award in Yorkshire – has worked on a number of regional television
programmes for ITV throughout her career.

In January 2012, Calendar announced that Ms Talbot had been diagnosed with breast cancer
and would be taking a break from the programme for treatment. After a year of treatment and
recovery, she re-appeared on Yorkshire screens alongside her co-host Mr Wood in

Mr Wood and Ms Talbot said they were looking forward to meeting and talking to the Leeds
Trinity students at Journalism Week and will be hosting a presenting masterclass in the TV studio on campus.


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