BBC Olympic 2012 coverage must be topped in Rio

Stuart Rowson says we need the FMF

Stuart Rowson, BBC Sport interactive editor

By Edward Watson

The BBC will have a tough job raising its game to outperform its coverage of the London 2012 Olympics.

According to Stuart Rowson, the BBC Sport interactive editor, there is a great weight of expectation on the corporation ahead of the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Mr Rowson, 35, oversaw the Olympics content on the BBC website and spoke about the Olympic coverage and the importance of multimedia at Leeds Trinity University’s Journalism Week.
The BBC’s coverage of the 2012 games was praised for its success by many sections of the media and according to the Guardian over 90 per cent of the UK population watched at least 15 minutes of the games.
Mr Rowson said he acknowledged the challenge that the BBC faces to keep their users happy but is prepared for the challenge.
He said: “I think we’ve probably made a rod for our own backs, if you like, in the best way.
“When we get to the Commonwealth Games next year, when we get to the Rio Olympics the audience will expect us to do that again, but they’ll probably expect it slightly differently, in a little bit more of a clever way.
“I don’t think it will be acceptable for us just to repeat it. We will have to repeat it and then find another little sexy thing to put on top as well.”
Mr Rowson also acknowledged the growing use of multimedia coverage by BBC users and suggested journalists need to adapt their role to provide fast news whilst keeping the quality of reporting high.
He said: “There’s a different audience expectation and it’s far more instant.
“People want it now but they don’t just want to know what’s happening they also want live analysis.
“The real trick is to tell you what’s going on but also to tell you why it’s going on as it’s going on – that’s difficult.”

In an interview after his talk, Edward Watson asked Mr Rowson the success of the BBC’s Olympics coverage…

Follow his talk on our live blog here.

To watch the video of his entire talk click here.


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