Tweets on London riots led to student getting TV job

By Emma Wilkinson and Jonnel Benjamin 

jo stashko 2

Tweeting about the London riots from his home near Tottenham landed Joseph Stashko with a job at ITV.

Mr Stashko, 23, who co-founded Liveblog Pro, told of how he was on holiday from his journalism studies at the University of Central Lancashire when the riots began in 2011.

He reported the event extensively on Twitter and his coverage was picked up by an ITV boss who invited him to come in and discuss doing some work experience.

Mr Stashko said he was unable to attend the work experience due to university commitments, but remembered the details of the ITV contact and got back in touch after he graduated.

The contact remembered him and he was ultimately offered work as a freelance digital producer for ITV News.

Mr Stashko was speaking in a packed newsroom at Leeds Trinity University’s Journalism Week.

jo stashko packed

He said: “Young journalists have an advantage over older people understanding things like Twitter.”

He went on to say that an understanding of how live blogging can be used effectively is increasingly attractive to news organisations and demonstrated his skills to the students…

Despite only graduating last year, Mr Stashko said his knowledge of live blogging had also led to work  with Associated Press and he publishes and contributes to several other blogging platforms.

He shared some of his top tips for blogging with Edward Watson…


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