BBC online journalist says simplicity is good style

By Daniel Lynch

Journalism students were advised not to over write their stories.

Alex Moss, 34, (pictured below) an online journalist for BBC Leeds, was leading a workshop during Leeds Trinity University’s Journalism Week

“Don’t sensationalise, just tell it how it is. Get the facts and get a good quote,” were her top tips.

BBc online's Alex Moss

Describing her move from print to online journalism she highlighted the quick turnaround of stories required by online editors as one of the key differences.

Ms Moss said that she is expected to have content online within five minutes of a story breaking.

She outlined the steps taken by BBC online journalists to identify, verify and source stories, and the editorial communication network involved in co-ordinating local and nationwide webpages.

BBC Leeds and other regional teams submit story proposals to a team of sub-editors based in Birmingham who collate stories and decide which will appear on the BBC’s range of national or regional webpages.

Ms Moss said that as well as news writing, BBC sub-editors also encouraged their journalists to undertake features and original pieces.

Ms Moss oversaw a workshop in which she tutored students through the process of writing a story from a press release.

Tasked with choosing the most relevant information and structuring it, students then compared their ideas with Ms Moss’ published story.

Ms Moss gave this advice for trainee journalists:


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