Future is bright for regional TV say Calendar presenters

Calendar presenters Duncan Wood and Christine Talbot

Calendar presenters Duncan Wood and Christine Talbot

By Emma Wilkinson

ITV Calendar anchors Duncan Wood and Christine Talbot said they don’t see the launch of a Leeds-only television channel as competition.

The presenters of the ITV Yorkshire news programme said the station, Made In Leeds, which is due to appear on screens in November, would provide a very different service to theirs.

The decision to launch the local television station came earlier this month when Made in Leeds was awarded the local television licence by Ofcom, beating four other bids.

Ms Talbot, 43, said: “Calendar is a very different concept. We are part of a big television region, not just one specific city.”

Ms Talbot and Mr Wood said the launch could be a positive thing as it would provide new job opportunities and would give the people of Leeds another platform to access information about their community.

Mr Wood, 50, said: “We think it will complement what we do at Calendar. Research has shown that people still like consuming the news through television so I think it will add to that.”

They said the future was bright for regional news, and welcomed the recent announcement that Calendar’s regional television licence has been renewed for another ten years.

Ms Talbot added: “Regional news is an important part of our cultural life”.

Mr Wood and Ms Talbot said the Made in Leeds project would create great opportunities for young journalists…

Mr Wood and Ms Talbot also hosted a news presenting masterclass during Leeds Trinity’s Journalism Week  in the university’s TV studio.

Trainee broadcasters Ed Watson and Rachel Gallacher took on the role of presenters to introduce a special Journalism Week news programme under the guidance of the two well known professionals.

The trainees tackled the art of auto-cue reading as well as interviewing, as Mr Wood and Ms Talbot gave helpful advice and told them both they had a future in television.

ed and rach

See also our report on the talk by Isi Abebe, station head of Made in Leeds.

To watch the video of the entire talk and the TV studio masterclass, click here.



  1. Reblogged this on regionaltv and commented:
    I thought it would be worth sharing this as the detractors of local tv tend to flit from no one will watch it to there’s already provision in that area. Having competition like this should be considered a good thing but it should also allow ITV and BBC to look a little more outside the dominant urban areas in their region and perhaps force them to differentiate themselves in a way that previously wasn’t required.

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