Danny – champion of the north

By Shaun Moloney

danny savage
BBC North of England Correspondent Danny Savage today championed his part of the world by claiming that the media is still too London-centric .

Mr Savage, 40, returned to Leeds Trinity University to speak at Journalism Week as a proud alumnus, having attained a degree in geography and public media almost 20 years ago.

Speaking exclusively after his talk, Mr Savage said: “A lot of stories that have come out on a national scale could easily have been done as a case study out of the north of England.”

Mr Savage works alongside three other correspondents in the north and decisions have to be made quickly on which stories to cover when the phone rings.

Mr Savage added: “Things tend to go in fits and starts. We get busy periods where there is one story after another. The Cumbria shootings and Raoul Moat for example were about a month apart and were two of the biggest stories of the last decade, but the bottom line is when the vast majority of your correspondents come from one place, more stories are going to come out of there.”

danny savage talking

Mr Savage stressed though that he has noticed moves being made to combat this.

He said “Things are being done to re-address the balance though, our bureau in the north has got bigger and the move to Salford for BBC Radio 5 Live was significant.”

The BBC’s move to Salford came under much criticism, with the cost totalling well over £800 million, and reportedly 80 per cent of its workforce voting against the move in 2011.

During his speech Mr Savage said: “Never look down on the north. There are some incredible and interesting stories up here.”

To watch the video of Mr Savage’s entire talk and the launch of the new Leeds Trinity Alumni Association, click here.


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