“I was mugged on a story” says BBC’s Newsbeat reporter


By One Chappy

Radio presenter Nomia Iqbal today gave journalism students advice about finding and securing a job as a radio journalist.
Miss Iqbal, 32, a reporter and presenter for the BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat programme, discussed her career as a radio journalist at the annual Leeds Trinity University Journalism Week.

She said: “Presenting is great, you get to be the face of the programme and interact directly with the audience.
“As a reporter, you are out in the field. You’re there interviewing people face to face”.
Miss Iqbal advised students to knock on as many doors as they can and have a lot of enthusiasm about the job.
The best way to get noticed as a radio journalist is to be active, have lots of ideas, write blogs, tweet and get some work experience.
She said: “Be yourself, don’t be what you think you should be. Be sure it is a place you’d like to work at. Ask questions.”
Miss Iqbal said she chose to be a radio reporter because it gives opportunities to be creative in an easy way, without including pictures.
She said: “You can get into places with a mic that you can’t with a TV camera.”
While covering the 2011 London riots, Miss Iqbal was mugged.
But responding to a question of whether journalism is a dangerous job, she said: “Dangerous is probably not the word I would use to describe it. I think it’s a fun job.”
Miss Iqbal worked in commercial radio in Yorkshire and the Northwest before joining BBC Radio 1 in 2008.
She has also delivered reports for BBC Radio 5Live.

Watch Miss Iqbal being interviewed here

To see Miss Iqbal’s entire talk, click here.


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