PM faces five “nightmare scenarios”


By James Grayson

Conservative MPs believe their party will be in “crisis” if they finish third in the Eastleigh by-election tonight, according to New Statesman politics blogger George Eaton.

And running a workshop at Leeds Trinity’s Journalism Week Mr Eaton said tonight’s results could be just one of five “nightmare scenarios” he had predicted the Prime Minister David Cameron could be facing.

He said the first one had already come true when the UK lost its Triple-A credit rating and added that Mr Cameron will be under increased pressure if the Conservatives suffer poor local council elections results in May, receive a bad response to the budget and if the UK has a triple-dip recession.

When asked what would happen if his five predictions came true, Mr Eaton – who runs the New Stateman’s politics blog The Staggers – said: “I think it will be very hard for the Conservatives to win again in 2015.

“If they finish third to UKIP tonight then a lot of Conservatives will be asking serious questions about the direction that David Cameron is taking them and if they lose the next election then Cameron will be gone.”

Politics blogger George Eaton

Politics blogger George Eaton

Mr Eaton graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in History and Politics before he began working for the PoliticsHome website and then moving to the New Statesman.   Mr Eaton said although he is passionate about politics, political reporting can be hard going for young reporters because dealing with powerful and influential people can at times be quite intimidating.

“You can be quickly exposed in political journalism if you don’t get your facts right or make a serious mistake,” he told the students.

Mr Eaton had this advice for anyone hoping to become a political commentator:


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