BBC sport reporter highly anticpated at Leeds Trinity’s J Week

 By Jamie Smith 
Ben Smith
BBC multi-media sports journalist Ben Smith will come to Leeds Trinity Journalism Week on Wednesday for his second talk to students about working  in the industry.
He currently works for the BBC covering some of the world’s most high profile sporting events from the Ryder Cup to the Brazil World Cup.
Before his BBC days he worked at The Times where he rose to become deputy football editor as well as internet journalism and multimedia expert.
John Cole, sports, health exercise and nutrition student at Leeds Trinity University, said: “In sport you need on the ball journalism. People need to hear what’s happening as its happening, so everyone knows how it feels to be there”
Ben’s focus and the source of a lot of his stories is football and his enjoyment of the sport often shows in his coverage.
He recently covered Manchester City versus Barcelona in the Champion’s League, and reiterated the importance of real time reporting in the fast moving sporting world.
Matthew Bonsall-Stanhope, 19, Sports Coaching student at Leeds Trinity said: “It’s great to see two departments coming together when a sports journalist like Ben Smith comes in. Leeds Trinity is a small university so you get a lot of interaction between departments, but it’s especially good as part of a big event.”
Outside of work he is a writer and the ‘proudest dad in the world’ according to his twitter account.

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