Controversial Leveson author comes to Leeds Trinity

by Mark Levine

Professor Alan Middleton

Professor Alan Middleton

An author who suggests journalism isn’t a genuine profession is to speak at a celebration of the industry at Leeds Trinity University on Tuesday.

In the book Journalism beyond Leveson: Professional Culture versus Delinquent Subculture, Professor Alan Middleton considers whether Journalism can be classified as a genuine profession because it is not bound by any universally agreed ethics and ethical decisions differ from journalist to journalist.

On the Leveson Enquiry, Social Scientist Professor Middleton details the way in which journalists closed ranks in an ‘immoral panic’ as they faced the possibility of the public turning on them.

But the book also suggests how journalists could eventually consider themselves as professionals.

Freelance journalist and Leeds Trinity Lecturer, Nigel Green, said:  “I am particularly looking forward to hearing Professor Middleton’s views” but questions whether the term “delinquent subculture” should be seen as negative term whilst also doubting the effectiveness of the Leveson Report.

Professor Middleton has lectured on the sociology of the professions in a number of universities in the UK and overseas.

He has also worked with the UN’s cultural organisation (UNESCO) in indigenous communities in Indonesia, Mongolia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Mexico and is Chief Executive of the Governance Foundation and Emeritus Professor of Urban Studies at Birmingham City University.


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