Gabby Logan falsely accused of having affair with Alan Shearer

Gabby Logan

Gabby Logan

Presenter Gabby Logan was trailed on the school run by paparazzi who claimed she was having an affair with Alan Shearer.

Gabby, chancellor of Leeds Trinity University, was speaking at Journalism Week when she told students she had been accused of trying to get a super-injunction to stop the story getting out.

She said: “I wasn’t. It was ridiculous. I couldn’t understand why I was being followed. Even worse, I had every working mother’s worst nightmare and had taken the kids to school a day too early, as it was half term.”

Gabby also said that experiences like this and another incident where a Daily Mail journalist had entered her home, had made her question the industry she is in. She said: “It rocked my world for a while and did make me wonder where we are going. Mud sticks and people only remember one thing.”

Gabby said she first got a taste for TV when she appeared on Blue Peter when she was 15 years old. Speaking about her first ever live radio broadcast on local radio in the North East whilst she was at Durham Unversity, she said she immediately knew “that it was what she wanted to do.”

Speaking about her stint on Sky Sports, she said it was a “fantastic experience” but she was eager to present more live sport.

She said: “Sky sports was a very good learning ground for me.”

Speaking about striking the balance between her public and private life, Gabby said: “Whatever you choose to do, its very hard to juggle. Women take it upon themselves to be responsible for everything. In any relationship if the other person wants you to do well, you’ll work it out.”

Gabby, 40, has presented a range of football and sporting programmes across major networks, including On the Ball with Barry Venison, The Champions League Live on ITV, and Final Score and Sport Relief on the BBC.

Her most recent work was as the lead presenter of Saturday night prime time ITV programme SPLASH! which ran for two series.

Gabby revealed that they had not rehearsed the results show on one of the programmes for the first series and she found herself interviewing a celebrity who was wearing only speedos and being framed in a way in which she appeared to be making a gesture on air, which in another context could have been misconstrued.

He said: “I got home and my husband Kenny opened the door, half drunk bottle of wine in one hand, full glass in the other and he said ‘your career is over!”

Other low lights included interviewing a bewildered Joey Essex in his trailer wearing only white speedos after he was eliminated in SPLASH!

She said: “Only a year before I had been interviewing Carl Lewis at the Olympics and there I was in his trailer wondering what on earth I was doing!”.




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