Guardian cartoonist says Cameron is a tribute to Blair

Cartoonist Steve Bell

Cartoonist Steve Bell

A Guardian cartoonist claims David Cameron is a tribute act to Tony Blair, and told students at Leeds Trinity University that the prime minister and his entourage openly refer to Blair as “the master”.

Steve Bell has been a cartoonist since the 60s with openly left-wing political leanings. His drawings of political figures often stick with them throughout their careers.

During the lecture Steve, who is only visible by his twinkling eyes amid an enormous bush of hair, enthusiastically described, destroyed and annihilated politicians.

David Cameron was summarily dismissed as “young, gifted and plump” and described as “like a twisted balloon with no hair follicles”.

The cartoons that have made Steve famous are from simple ideas or characteristics of politicians that are still visible to this day.

Indeed Magaret Thatcher’s “crazy left eye and hooded right” remained a feature in caricatures of her until her death in 2013.

In the lead up to Blair’s premiership Steve wrestled to “find” him in terms of an image, saying he didn’t work as Bambi and it was only at a conference that he noticed Blair’s own eye quirk: “angry left eye, twinkly right”.

Steve has worked freelance for the Guardian for more than two decades, saying they prefer him to remain freelance so they both have “mutual deniability” but the free rein they have given him is rare in a mostly right wing press.




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