Page Three girls will still be on show at Leeds Trinity University

Staff and students at Leeds Trinity University debate The Sun's use of Page 3 models

Staff and students at Leeds Trinity University debate The Sun’s use of Page 3 models

A proposal to ban The Sun from being supplied on campus because of its continued use of Page Three girls has been ditched.

Senior journalism lecturer Mike Best, chaired the controversial debate at Leeds Trinity University, which saw passionate speakers on both sides put forward their arguments in what has become a national campaign.

Director of student support, Tim Leadbeater, said he was afraid that by supplying copies of The Sun, with no male ‘equivalents’, the university may be breaking equality laws.

But Rebecca Coombes, a librarian at Leeds Trinity University, spearheaded her side’s opposition to the motion and said that, although she does not agree with Page Three on a personal level, it is not the business of a university to ban students from any academically relevant material, regardless of taste.

She said: “Don’t stop them – students – from having access to these sources. As librarians we are not here to censor.”

After the debate panel had put forward their arguments, former Sun journalist Bill Coles admitted the newspaper was embarrassed to continue having to publish the newspaper with topless models still included.

But, he added, no editor would get rid of the page as the paper would lose 10 per cent of its readership overnight.

The debate was then opened to the audience, who spoke candidly about their views with several students suggesting that the university should discontinue supplying copies of The Sun, as a matter of social morality.

However, despite these voices speaking in favour of banning copies of The Sun being distributed on-site, the audience voted 15- 2, with one abstention, against the motion.

WARNING: Video contains language and images some may find offensive…




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