Celebrity journo calls for more diverse newsrooms

Joanna Abeyie

Joanna Abeyie










by Hayley Longster

A celebrity journalist is stepping out of the spotlight in a bid to help create more diverse newsrooms across the country.

Joanna Abeyie, 27, made her name interviewing such famous faces as Beyoncé, Denzel Washington and Janet Jackson and credits much of her success to having honest mentors at the start of her career.

She has founded social enterprise business Shine Media, which aims to increase diversity in the media by helping people aged 18-35 to secure work experience, training and eventually jobs in a myriad of different organisations.

She will be talking about the project at Leeds Trinity Univeristy’s Journalism Week on Tuesday.

She said: “When you’re on the tube and you see all these different people from different backgrounds, that’s exactly what a newsroom should look like.”

So far more than 450 people have been helped to progress in their careers by Shine.

 Erin McCann, a Journalism undergraduate at Leeds Trinity said: “It’s really beneficial, especially for students who will be graduating this year. There’s a definite market out there for something like this.”

Joanna has been working across print and broadcast since she was 21.
Her work has been featured by many UK news outlets including Mail Online, The Sun, The Mirror, ITN, ITV London, Sky News and the BBC. She has also written for magazines in the UK and the US such as US Weekly, The People and Life & Style.
Her most recent project is Flashing Lights, a brand new showbiz news website.


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