“My row with Russell Brand” – investigative reporter to reveal all at Journalism Week


Channel 4 investigative reporter Paraic O'Brien

Channel 4 investigative reporter Paraic O’Brien









by Caroline Grandjean

Paraic O’Brien, Channel 4 News investigative reporter, has expressed his concern about the growing interest teenagers take in joining the Jihad.

He tweeted and admitted being intrigued about the motivations of a 15 year-old girl from East London to flee to Syria, saying  “the case seems different”.

The journalist will speak at Leeds Trinity’s Journalism Week next week.

Paraic started his career as a BCC trainee in 2001. Before joining Channel 4 News in 2011, he worked a few years at Radio 4. He ended up in TV and worked as an investigations reporter for BBC London News and Newsnight on occasion.

One of the high profile investigations the reporter conducted was a TV report from inside the ranks of the English Defense League. He also raised a sharp criticism of the global online game Habbo Hotel, demonstrating that it was putting children at risk.

He was the first TV reporter on the ground in Brixton and Croydon as the riots broke out in 2011. He also dealt with the burning issue of the Pope meeting victims of clerical abuse.

Paraic will be talking about the true reasons of his row with Russell Brand and his time with the gangs living in the sewer of Romania. 



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