Charlie Hebdo massacre reporter to teach “MOJO” to Leeds students

Nick Garnett

Nick Garnett







by Emma Kirwan

The BBC 5Live reporter who broadcast more than 50 live reports from his iPhone on the Charlie Hebdo shootings will be speaking to journalism hopefuls next week.

Nick Garnett was sent out to Paris in January when there was an attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo, where 12 people were murdered.

“What I learnt before I got to Paris is the one thing that suffers is batteries. When I got off the plane my phone was only at 20% and it is the one device that has to have power.” Nick recalls.

Not only has Nick broadcast for major events, he is also seen as a “pioneer” for mobile journalism although he believes that there is a danger with using the word.

“It suggests that people shouldn’t be looking into developments as well, which they should. There are 20 people around the world pioneering and 20,000 doing it without even realising” Said Mr Garnett.

Nick uses apps such as ‘Luci Live’, a multi-platform ip for broadcasting, and ‘Luci Live Lite’ for live streaming which are accessible for not only journalists, but the public however Nick is surprised that people are not as up to speed as they should be.

He said: “People have to be involved in moving forward, it is so central in Broadcast and with technology changing there is a duty we should have to apps so people keep on developing them.”

Nick will be speaking Monday at 6:30pm at Leeds Trinity University where he will be giving his talk called ‘The Way Forward’ and will be joined by Helen Thomas who is Head of Region for BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


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