ITV foreign editor to return to his Leeds training ground

Michael Herrod

Michael Herrod

by Jay Unger As ITV celebrates their Royal Television Society award wins, foreign editor Michael Herrod prepares to handle pressure from a new breed of journalists.

ITV won several prizes last week, including the prestigious daily news programme and the news coverage international award for reporting on the unfolding story on Ukraine.

Foreign editor for the channel, Mr Herrod, will be speaking as an alumni guest next week at Leeds Trinity University after graduating almost 20 years ago.

Mr Herrod, graduating in 1995, worked in local radio before joining ITN as a news desk assistant for the newly formed channel 5 news.

Among many stories he has covered over his career, including, working in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, he has also covered several major stories such as both election campaigns of US president Barack Obama and the death of Lady Diana in 1997. He was appointed foreign editor for ITV in 2013.

Mike Best, 66, senior lecturer for journalism at Leeds Trinity, and previously director of ITV Yorkshire said: “There are people, like Michael Herrod, who have been around, they know what makes a successful story and they know how to take a complex issue and break it down so people can understand.

“I think people have more interest in foreign news than they think because the world is becoming a smaller place. The first reports people will hear are from social media, but social media actually works against explaining what’s happening.”

 Whereas many national newspapers have also reported an increase in web traffic but a decrease in daily paper sales, it is thought broadcasting hasn’t been as directly hit by the social media revolution.

Mr Herrod will be speaking at Journalism Week on Tuesday.


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