UPDATED Nick Powell: The world is full of people who want to work in television

Nick Powell, Sports Editor at Sky News

Nick Powell, Sports Editor at Sky News

The Sky News sports editor says he made his mark in the TV industry by never turning down an opportunity.

Before Sky he presented Calendar news, but while at Yorkshire TV also presented quiz shows and political programming.

He said: “Not many people get the opportunity to do politics one night, boxing the next, but that’s why I stayed so long.

“I don’t want to leave Sky any time soon as it’s a great, dynamic place to work.”

However Nick has warned students not to get stuck at one organisation or in a particular role. He countered fears about staying in the same job for 10 years by taking on work as a producer as well as a presenter.

Nick has been reporting for 33 years and still says there is no substitute for hard work and keeping up to date. He reads several newspapers and listens to several bulletins each day. When he goes on holiday, his newsagent keeps the papers for him and he reads them when he gets back.

“To quote Gary Player: The harder you work, the luckier you get,” he says. “I’m still good at what I do because I work harder than I ever did.”

He also recalled the difficulty of reporting on location before the widespread use of mobile phones.

In 1985 he used an old fashioned mobile phone to take over the commentary of a Leeds v Norwich game in heavy fog when the ball moved down the pitch into his eyeline.

He said: “Technology has changed quite a bit, but that story is a very early example of what Nick Garnett was talking about yesterday – mobile reporting using technology.”

These days, it takes a minimum of 15 people to produce a Sky News report, which is in stark contrast to journalists such as Garnett who work alone out of a single bag of equipment.

However, Nick insists that his team will remain a go-to source of sports news, despite the all-pervasive influence of the internet.

“The reason people turn to Sky News is that they know we report with authority. We have the expertise that they trust. We channel news to them in a way that is entertaining and engaging as well as trusted,” he said.


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