Work experience is “golden ticket” to getting a job in journalism

Left to right: Kate Russell from Cosmopolitan with Josh Stead and Dan Lynch from ITV Yorkshire

Left to right: Kate Russell from Cosmopolitan Magazine with Josh Stead and Dan Lynch from ITV Yorkshire


Three former journalism students agreed “you shouldn’t take no for an answer” when starting your career.

Kate Russell, 27, Dan Lynch, 24, and Josh Stead, 26, were all Trinity post-graduate students who have built up their work experience at places like ITV, Radio 4 and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Dan and Josh in particular told of their experience working freelance before both getting work with ITV’s regional news programme Calendar.

Dan said: “You really have to beat down doors until you get a break. You can’t turn down an opportunity when someone says to you come and have a chance.”

Between them Josh and Dan have had work running Calendar’s website and covering some major news stories, like the Tour de France and the case of Amanda Hutton who was jailed for killing her four-year-old son Hamzah Khan by starvation and leaving his body in his cot for nearly two years.

The former students reiterated the point made by other speakers at the Journalism Week event about the importance of having work experience and a having a standout story ready for interviews in the industry.

Josh said: “Work experience is the golden ticket to getting a job. More importantly know how to make a good cup of tea.”

Kate she stressed that having confidence and making an impression while on placement was vital or else it could be a wasted opportunity.

She said: “The course at Trinity really brought out my confidence and forced me to do things out of my comfort zone.

“I was able to rack up more experience and put together an impressive portfolio which eventually got me a year internship with Cosmopolitan.”

All three spoke about the importance of having good story ideas and being able to pitch your story to the editor or producer saying “you need to drive down in to a subject and do as much research as you possibly can before pitching.”

Their parting advice to students was to not pigeonhole themselves: “If there is a topic you particularly hate make a point of knowing about it.”



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