Guest blog : Dan, Kate and Josh return from Cosmo and ITV to their old stomping ground. Read their thoughts here:

Kate Russell (front, Dan Lynch, (right) and Josh Stead (left)

Kate Russell (front, Dan Lynch, (right) and Josh Stead (left)

Kate Russell, 27, Cosmopolitan magazine  

Pulling into the car park this afternoon was such a mix of emotions. Familiar in the best possible way, but also nerve-wracking – I remember how brilliant Journalism Week was when I was here in 2013 and I can only hope I’ll live up to it and do Lisa Bradley proud!

I only have great memories of being a student here. This last year, working at Cosmo, has been one of the best of my life, and I’d never have been able to do that without coming here first. All the technical skills I learned – the shorthand, sub-editing, camera work – were incredible. But confidence was really important too. Being chucked out to do vox pops early on puts paid to any nerves pretty quick!

Having said that, I’m a pretty nervous public speaker, so I can only hope this last year has prepared me for that. Please be kind to me, Dan and Josh! Remember – you could be back here in our shoes next year…

Daniel Lynch, 24, production journalist, ITV

So, the tables have turned. It was only two years ago that I was one of the bright faces in the audience wearing a badly-fitting shirt and listening in awe as people like Jeff Stelling, Neil Wallis and Trinity graduate Nomia Iqbal delivered their talks. The best thing to do from today is to take advantage of the range of experiences and influences on offer – you could get some inspiration from the most unexpected source. But probably not Josh Stead. Definitely not Josh Stead.

The course at Trinity took me so far out of my comfort zone and improved me more than I could ever have imagined in such a short space of time. It is hard work, really hard work, but enjoy every minute of it. The links you will make with students, contacts and, especially, tutors will be key to your career and you never know when a friendly face might pop up on a story or at a press conference.

But not Josh.

Josh Stead, 26, production journalist, ITV

Now then. Coming back to Trinity to do this is a little different – I’ve popped back into the university a few times since I left in 2012 so the surroundings are familiar – but now I’m coming at it from the angle of someone who’s supposed to know what they’re talking about. The main thing I guess I just want people to get out of our talk is that although the jump from post-grad to someone out there in the real world seems like a big step, it really isn’t – just use what you learn here, be cool to the people around you and absorb everything you possibly can from anyone you meet. And always say yes if someone offers you a tea/coffee.


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