“Journalists are second class citizens” claims Fleet Street Fox

Susie Boniface a.k.a Fleet Street Fox

Susie Boniface a.k.a Fleet Street Fox

“Being a journalist is a bit like being a priest and everyone assuming you’re a paedophile”, said infamous blogger Fleet Street Fox.

Controversial blogger Susie Boniface, who outed herself two years ago as the Fleet Street Fox, told aspiring journalist students that becoming a journalist makes you a second class citizen.

Susie said: “No one gives a flying f*** about you, not your editor and not your reader. No one cares about you. You are, if you become a journalist, a second-class citizen. If you give evidence in a court of law, you won’t be believed by the jury, despite telling the truth your whole life.”

Susie, describing her long and varied career, said: “I’ve found out how a body had decomposed, I’ve experimented with jägermeister in every country I know, I’ve driven a nuclear submarine and I’ve also crashed a nuclear submarine. I’ve done a lot of things.”

She added: “You get a front seat to history. Your passport gets filled up in a few years with exciting stamps. You know that at some point the Prime Minister will be interested in something you’ve written, and that’s exciting.”

With the decline of newspaper readership, Susie commented that ‘the trade is in constant flux’ and the impact of online and social media is not new.

In an industry which has felt the effects of the Leveson Inquiry, the tabloid tweeter told hopeful journalists that honesty is the most important tool they will need.

Susie said: “Don’t ever lie. You can embellish, manipulate and spin, but do not lie.

“When you’re knocking on a door, you are representing a whole trade. Don’t be a t***. You’re protecting readers’ rights, you will have enough other problems to deal with, you don’t need to add to that. Journalism is something you have to fight for.”

Susie has worked as a newspaper reporter for 19 years, writing for virtually every national newspaper from the Times to the Sun.

Her blog was set up anonymously in October 2009, telling the true story of life in the tabloids before revealing her identity in 2013.

She said:”I chose the colours red and black because it worked for the Nazis. Foxes are a lot like journalists. From a distance they look glamorous. Close up, a bit mangy. Posh people don’t like them.”

However Susie warned students that a stand alone blog isn’t journalism.


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