Good film and good audio: the essence of a good story

23066634605_32e3f2317d_oBy Kristian Bamforth

TV journalist, producer and presenter Andrew Knight has spoken of the importance of being adaptable and open-minded when entering the industry. Speaking to students at Leeds Trinity University during their annual journalism week, he argued that specialising early on is quite a tough thing to do as it means journalists are narrowing down their options.

Andrew left school at 17 and started his first job at the age of 21 at his local paper – the Reading Chronicle and Berkshire Mercury. “The paper gave me a really good grounding and discipline when it comes to news writing.”

He spoke of the significance of archive footage throughout his career which led to a number of regional and national programmes. “Good film and good audio is the heart and essence of a good story.”

He also stressed the importance of sticking with an idea and running with it. “I always thought that you could have one big idea and that it would be enough. But generally you have to have loads of ideas. Especially in documentaries, there’s a relentless necessity to keep on having new ones….If you’ve got an idea and you really want to make it work just stick with it, it’s time will probably come.”

Andrew then told an anecdote about one of his previous experiences which emphasised the need for preparation saying: “I had a disastrous time doing a sports report with a presenter on the other side who said ‘that’s Andrew Knight there with a few words, most of them ‘um’. Probably not the best move for a career in radio, but this was largely because I hadn’t prepared.”

He ended his talk with some inspiring words telling students: “You’ve come into the best business possible and I’ve had the most amazing career.”


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