‘Social Media is a powerful tool’, Guardian sports features editor tells students

image1By Louis England-Crowder

Sachin Nakrani, The Guardian’s sports feature editor, stood in front of Leeds Trinity students today and told them how pwerful social is now. When speaking about the book he co-wrote We’re Everywhere Us, he said: “The Liverpool book showed the power of social media. I got people to contribute to it without even meeting them in person or having ever spoke on a phone to which was weird.” 

Sachin told the audience social media is a great tool and students should use it. “Social media allows you to build up contacts and get your name out there, so keep blogging or tweeting or whatever you enjoy.”

His career at The Guardian began in 2007 when he joined their sports intern programme, and passed on a few tips for the students to achieve their dream.

The four key tips he spoke of was to be creative when planning, well-tempered, flexible and to know what people are reading.

He said a quick way into journalism was through the roles of night editor and sub-editor – unpopular because of the unsociable hours. “Night editing can be an extremely rewarding job if you’re willing to put in the hours.”

Answering a final question from the audience about whether The Guardian would be sending journalists over to France for Euro 2016 in the wake of the terror attacks, he said: “After the attacks, I should think security levels will be higher than ever over there and I’m sure it will be safe enough for journalists to go over as we do need to cover the Euros.”


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