ITV’s Chris Ship tells students to think of the bigger picture


By Charlotte Swift

Chris Ship, Deputy Political Editor for ITV News has said it’s the job of journalists to put news events into a wider context and always look at the bigger picture.

Speaking about the impact of the recent attacks in Paris, he told students: “there is another side to the story which is why do we not give a toss about what happened in Beirut last Thursday when 45 people died.

“How many buildings around the world were lit up with the flag of Lebanon last week?

“There is a valid argument to be had as to why we are focusing so much on Paris. I’m not saying we shouldn’t focus on it but we should focus on other parts of the world as well”.

Speaking on the second day of Leeds Trinity University’s Journalism Week Chris also talked about the current political climate in the UK and said he believed Jeremy Corbyn will not be Labour Leader at the next general election.

“There are 233 Labour MPs at the moment and 223 of them don’t like Jeremy Corbyn” he said.

“It took 36 MPs to nominate Corbyn on the ballot paper and now some of those people have said that they no longer support him.

“My money would be that he would go before the next general election”

Chris said he thought it was excellent news that Robert Peston is joining ITV news as Political Editor despite applying for the job himself.

He said: “It’s very interesting because I was a contender in that process and as you have probably worked out by now I didn’t get the job.

“I can’t compete with Robert Peston in terms of his profile, he has people write newspaper articles about his hair or whether or not he wears a tie”

“Robert Peston brings a level of profile to ITV that very few other journalists could which is exactly what we need.

“He is thoughtful and insightful and it’s a great move for us”.


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