Mobile is key to the future of BBC journalism


By Grace Harrison

BBC news in the future will be distributed mainly by social media.

That’s the view of the Corporation’s UK affairs producer for the North of England, Claire Kendall, who was speaking to students at Leeds Trinity University.

She quoted statistics from those accessing news of the recent Paris terror attacks.

“BBC online language services have had 47 million unique users and of those, 80 per cent accessed them on mobile, so this is really where things are going”

She then showed students a documentary-style news report that she had produced on how police are dealing with a rising number of missing person reports.

Claire asked: “How can turn this piece of journalism into something people can access on their mobile phones?

“The BBC is trying to find new ways of accessing new audiences and new ways of doing it.

“So quite often now, we will put a picture on Instagram, we might tweet something or we might post something on Facebook and more recently we have been using Periscope and Vine.

“These things are changing all the time.”

She explained that in order to allow producers and reporters to publish their stories as quickly as possible, they have access to an array of different mobile apps.

These apps include Luci Live which allows live radio broadcasts to be recorded from a phone or laptop; PNG which is a way of filing videos and photos; and Davina, an archive folder in which reporters can download images and videos from previous stories to post onto social networking sites.

She added that these apps have not being accessible for long, and they will continue to expand in the future.

She said: “Some of these apps weren’t even here two years ago so things are changing and will continue to change.”


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