UPDATED: Writing is only half the story says Everton FC reporter

Scott McLeod

By Louis England-Crowder and Charlotte Swift

Football reporting is not about the match, it is about the emotion, according to sports journalist Scott McLeod.

Scott is head of digital content for Evertonfc.com and was sharing his journalistic experiences at Leeds Trinity University today.

He said: “Producing the story is only half the job, the other half is to get people to read it and come back and read the next story.

“We want to reach a wider audience, not just Everton fans.

“I tell my reporters to try and evoke an emotional response and to always have this in mind when writing a story.”

Scott has gone down a path which has brought him from journalism in the local and regional papers to working with Everton FC for the last ten years.

He explained that with football having such a far reach across the globe and the Premier League being the most watched league competition in the world, his job involves not only coordinating match coverage – but also exploiting marketing opportunities for the club and the league.

This was demonstrated 10 years ago when a football match between Manchester City and Everton featured three Chinese players.

This particular game was the most watched in Premier League history due to the number of fans in China that tuned in to view it.

He said foreign fans, particularly from Asia, were much more likely to follow a single star player rather than a team: “Football fans in the UK support their team but fans internationally support the personalities.”

Everton now employ specialists to provide content such as video for its website, because fans expect the same high standard of coverage as the mainstream news providers such as BBC Match of the Day and Sky Sports.

The club now covers various multimedia platforms including Everton TV, social media channels and a club app.



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