Calendar hosts hope to inspire the next generation of journalists to achieve their dreams

By Jack Goodman

Co-anchors of ITV’s Calendar for more than 13 years, Christine Talbot and Duncan Wood are returning speakers to Journalism Week – offering advice on news broadcasting and careers in journalism.

Duncan expressed how much they both enjoy being part of Journalism Week – and how they hoped to give students an insight into what they do at Calendar.

Their talk, on Friday 18 November at 10.45am, will be discussing their journeys to where they are now – and how both their career paths are rooted in strong journalistic backgrounds.

They will also be discussing their enthusiasm to embrace new practices in the industry, as well as the possibility of carrying out a ‘studio masterclass’ to talk students through the ‘dos and don’ts of television presenting’.


Duncan added: “There are many opportunities out there for young journalists in this ever changing digital world and hopefully we can play a small part in inspiring the talent of the future to achieve their dreams.”

Christine and Duncan have worked together since he joined the Calendar team in May 2003 – but both began their journalism careers in print before moving into broadcasting.

After studying at Lanchashire Polytechnic’s School of Journalism, Christine worked on local newspapers in Lancashire before switching to television.She joined BBC North West as a presenter of North West Tonight, before moving to ITV in 1994 and joining Calendar in 2001.

Duncan also began his career in print journalism, working as a reporter at his local evening paper – where his father also worked. He began writing for the nationals over three years later, before switching to broadcasting in the late eighties.

He began his television career as a sports presenter, and joined the Calendar team in May 2003 – after spending seven years as North of England Correspondent, and part time presenter of GMTV.

Katherine Blair, the lecturer responsible for booking the pair, said: “We chose to book Christine and Duncan because they’re frequent visitors to Journalism Week. They’ve been at least twice before. It’s always a popular session when they come in – there’s always a clamour from students to get in the television studio if they do their masterclass.”


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