Danielle Whitfield: Weeks after graduating, I was finding out all Katie Price’s secrets

By Anna Riley

News and Features Reporter at North News Danielle Whitfield is a Leeds Trinity Graduate. She even managed to snag her job before finishing her English and Journalism course and started work before she had completed her final exams.

North News are an agency that supply photos, news and features to national newspapers including The Sun and magazines. They also write and distribute press releases and create video news features.

Danielle has the role of reporting stories for newspapers including The Sun and also writes features for women’s magazines such as Closer.

She said: “It was a real fluke to get the opportunity at North News – one of my tutors recommended me for the role as it was right up my street and also in my home town of Newcastle, which was a perfect fit.”


“I really enjoy my job as it is so varied – no day is the same! I can be covering a variety of genres from breaking a hard hitting news story in the area one day to writing a magazine feature the next.”

When asked about the most memorable time in her career so far, Danielle shared her experience of working undercover for The Sun. She said: “I went along to a meal with Katie Price on my own – the Katie Price enthusiasts obviously didn’t know that I was undercover and felt sorry for me sitting on my own and kept trying to make friends with me!”

“I got three big stories from the evening including finding out about Katie’s lesbian affair in the playboy mansion, admitting to trying to kill her best friend and who had the biggest willy of all her ex-lovers.”

During Journalism Week Danielle will be presenting on the different high profile stories that she has covered during her time so far at North News including the rape case of footballer Adam Johnson. She is also going to talk about her time at Leeds Trinity University and why she thinks it is a great place to study.

Danielle is speaking at 9:45 until 10:45am on Thursday 17 November.


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