Hollie Brooks: It is crucial to understand how to reach digital audiences

By Lina Arshad

Senior editor, beauty journalist, and blogger, Hollie Brooks is set to join Leeds Trinity University students during Journalism Week to talk about her successes in the field.

During her teen years and early 20s, Hollie persistently struggled with mental illness which she described as “horrific” and provided plenty of obstacles to overcome to succeed in her career as a journalist.

She said: “I’m hoping my lecture tells students something a little more ‘real’ than just to learn shorthand. I’ve made enough mistakes and had enough successes in my life to offer some value, I think.”

Hollie also hopes to open up the minds of young people to the world of YouTube as something more than just a fad.

She said: “YouTubers are huge influencers and anyone who goes on to work in any type of journalism, PR, marketing or communications should really know about the power of digital influencers.”

Hollie has dedicated 10 years of her life building up her career in journalism, and after leaving sixth form aged 17, she worked for huge titles like Conde Nast and Time Warner in London.
She went on to study English Language, Media and Philosophy HEFC at Newcastle College and Fashion Communication and Promotion in Nottingham.

Hollie, 27, is now the senior editor for WeTheUnicorns.com – a website which hopes to bring the magic of YouTube to readers. The site aims to boil down the key events that have been happening in the YouTube community and collate this information in one place.

The lecturer responsible for booking Hollie was Amy Lund, course leader for undergraduate Magazine Journalism.

Amy said: “Hollie has been able to share her own experience and considerable achievements in journalism, launching a hugely popular online site and becoming an editor at a young age.

“She is a great example for LTU students to show what can be achieved in the world of digital journalism.”

Hollie will be talking at Leeds Trinity University Journalism Week on Thursday November 17 at 2-3pm.


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