LIVE: Brexit could threaten British farming, says Sky correspondent


By Elle Rigby

Having an edge is important to breaking into the industry, says a leading Sky News reporter.

Gerard Tubb  has worked as Sky News’ North of England correspondent for 22 years, during which time he has covered the Shannon Matthews kidnapping and the Richard Hammond crash in Leeds.

But Gerard’s route into the media wasn’t the most direct – he began by presenting a farming programme on Radio York.

“My edge was that I was so uncool – I milked cows,” he said. “When I walked into the door of Radio York, I didn’t sound like a farmer. I was from Surrey – I sounded relatively intelligent – half of radio York listeners liked sheep and the other half liked farming.”

Gerard’s background in farming has impacted on his view on the recent Brexit vote.

“If we don’t get enough Eastern European workers in the UK, our economy will go down,” he added. “The government talks about getting immigration down to the tens of thousands, but it’s bollocks. If that happens we won’t be able to buy British carrots, you’d be buying Spanish carrots.

Gerard, who has been nominated for a Bafta and shortlisted for a Royal Television Society award, also spoke learning about Islam to help him with reporting.

He said: “This allowed me to shine a light on something that people wanted hidden.”


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