LIVE: ITV duo broadcast their talk via Facebook Live

image1By Anna Riley 

Facebook Live has become a phenomena for the “longest serving partnership in regional news” Duncan Wood and Christine Talbot.

Duncan first used Facebook Live when out in Kos, reporting the Ben Needham story.

One-year-old Ben Needham disappeared in July 1991 while his family were on holiday in Greece.

Duncan said: “Over the next 24 days, 1.5 million people watched what I did on Facebook.

“I couldn’t believe it when I found out that that many people had watched. It is the future of the industry.”

Instantly uploading updates via social media has become another way to present news at ITV Calendar.

Christine said: “We used to hold on to news stories to keep them exclusive, but now we share things instantly.”


The pair have had to ad lib live on air at times and consider it as fun.

They consider local TV news is very different to the national news. The stories they cover go from dunking biscuits in tea to the shocking murder of Jo Cox.

Christine said: “It is usually much more jokey and we have more of a laugh than the traditional straight faced news on the national news.”

Duncan added: “There is more to life than three hotels a week and suitcase, suitcase, suitcase. I’m happy where I am now.”

You can watch the Facebook Live video here.



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