LIVE: Leeds Trinity alumnus hails the value of branded content


By Alex Miller

A former Leeds Trinity student shared his experiences on bridging the divide between news and advertising.

Scott Manson is Director of Content at advertising agency OgilvyOne which involves running a new kind of news room where he creates content based on the need of clients.

He said: “As you probably know, journalism is struggling. Jobs have become more scarce and the pay grades haven’t moved for about ten years.

“There is a strand of journalism that is on short supply. And crucially, it pays you what you are worth. We’re talking about branded content.”

Scott, whose client list includes international corporations such as BT, IBM, British Gas and British Airways, told his audience it can be more effective for both clients and consumers.

He said: “Rather than spending money on massively expensive TV marketing campaigns, where nobody know where they’re hitting, content marketing gives brands a much better return on investment.

“The creative stuff is still very much part of the mix, but it has to be driven by data-driven insights.”

Scott explained that brand marketing requires the exact same skill set as news journalism, catching attention, creating talking points and discussing them.



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