The media landscape is shifting, says TV boss turned spin doctor Tim

By Lizzy McEllan

Former ITV boss Tim Singleton believe the rise of new media is bringing about big changes in the news.

Tim left his top ITV job eleven months ago to join the Department for International Development as director of communications.

He said: “There has been huge technological change. Given my own transition from television news to government communications, I and others really need to understand not just the causes but also the results – and how the modern media landscape is changing as a result.”

His comments come as Priti Patel, the secretary of state for International Development, finds herself under fire for holding meetings with Yair Lapid, leader of the Israeli Yesh Atid party in August. Mr Lapid tweeted a photograph of an undisclosed meeting during Mrs Patel’s “family holiday” on August 24.

The Department for International Development (DfID) has declined to answer questions about the meeting. A Foreign Office source said: “We didn’t know and would have expected to know, given the meetings she had.”

Tim left his job at ITV after 24 years. He covered major global events, including the Iraq War in 2003 and the Asian tsunami.

Now, members of the public often record disasters themselves and sell footage to news agencies.

Speaking ahead of his visit to Leeds Trinity University next week, the former ITV boss, said: “There are big changes in what people watch and read and how news is produced.”

Tim will be speaking at Leeds Trinity on Thursday at 9.30am.


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