LIVE: ‘Lippy’ BBC Lauren became an award winning journalist

By Ian Molyneaux

A senior broadcast reporter at the BBC has told students that she grew into working in journalism.

Lauren Potts, who works for BBC News online, was initially unsure whether working in newspapers was for her.

At her first job as a reporter on Pontefract and Castleford Express she ended up on probation after being described as ‘lippy’ by her editor.

She said: ” I remember being taken for a meeting with Mark, the group editor. I was sat down and Rebecca, my editor, told him I was giving her a lot of lip. He told me I should be spending that lip getting some better stories.”

Lauren recovered and ended up specialising in council and court reporting while at the paper, winning the NCTJ’s Reporter of the Year.

She said: “Court was my favourite specialism. There was a lot of hanging around at court but you get some really juicy things. There is very little that is better than a verdict in a court case.”

Lauren joined BBC Yorkshire as a broadcast journalist in 2014. Last year she joined the BBC national desk.

She added: “It was a huge leap I went from a busy local paper to a 24 hour news outlet. One of the major pieces of work I did was the Christmas 2015 floods.

Lauren has also written for blogs and magazines, including Stylist, Elle and Betty.



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