LIVE: L’Oreal PR manager snuck into Selfridges’ head office to get ahead

By Lizzy McEllan

A PR manager for a global beauty brand got her big break into the industry by sneaking into the head office at Selfridges in Manchester and accosting the events manager.

Melanie Green’s bold move saw her going from shop floor assistant to PR intern for the beauty hall at Selfridges, Manchester.

Speaking to students at Leeds Trinity University’s Journalism Week, Melanie said persistence and networking were the key to getting a dream job.

Melanie said: “I stood outside the management office at Selfridges and I snuck in behind someone with their pass. I introduced myself and said ‘if there’s anyway I can help you with an event I’m here to help.'”

She added: “Nobody would turn that down.”

She went on to tell students how she built her career by making connections in the cosmetics industry. She said: “Networking, this is how it works – you have to talk to people and ask people and just get yourself out there.”

Melanie, is now digital engagement and communications manager for IT Cosmetics, a brand which she launched for L’Oreal in June.

After moving on from Selfridges, Melanie said she started to build her career in cosmetics PR using digital strategies, with a particular focus on the promotion of products through online methods like blogging.

She said: “PR in 2017 is not taking someone out and plying someone with champagne and getting one page in Vogue. It’s all about digital and social media. It’s so much more important than just the print press.”

She said she has worked on award-winning product launches and national and international press events, such as as New York Fashion Week, Vogue Festival, London Fashion Week, Glamour Beauty Festival.


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