UPDATED: The Loose Women ladies give their advice to budding journalists

By Rebecca Marano

The ladies from Loose Women have given their advice to young reporters at Journalism Week.

The programme, which is ITV’s flagship lunchtime show, features a cast of female journalists and celebrities on its panel. They give their views on the day’s event to an audience of more than a million viewers.

Emma Morris, the show’s acting editor, played the audience in the final Journalism Week talk a video of their advice to young journalists.

Janet Street-Porter, the former editor of the Independent, told journalistic hopefuls to ensure they listen – “or they will go nowhere.”

She added: “Don’t lie – don’t make up your CV, tell the truth. Do loads of extra activities all the time. When you go for a job the most important thing is to know what the company actually does.”

The celebrities who are also regularly interviewed also offered their advice.

Former glamour model Katie Price said: “I’m quite easy to interview. I’ll always give them a headline.

“It’s about getting to know someone don’t just read your list of questions. Don’t try and trick me by asking the same question in different ways.”

Singer Stacey Soloman added: “I think you have to be a nice person.

“If you want to get ahead you have to be nice to people and make friends. Being a genuinely good person and having a moral compass works.”


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