UPDATED: The Loose Women ladies give their advice to budding journalists

By Rebecca Marano

The ladies from Loose Women have given their advice to young reporters at Journalism Week.

The programme, which is ITV’s flagship lunchtime show, features a cast of female journalists and celebrities on its panel. They give their views on the day’s event to an audience of more than a million viewers.

Emma Morris, the show’s acting editor, played the audience in the final Journalism Week talk a video of their advice to young journalists.

Janet Street-Porter, the former editor of the Independent, told journalistic hopefuls to ensure they listen – “or they will go nowhere.”

She added: “Don’t lie – don’t make up your CV, tell the truth. Do loads of extra activities all the time. When you go for a job the most important thing is to know what the company actually does.”

The celebrities who are also regularly interviewed also offered their advice.

Former glamour model Katie Price said: “I’m quite easy to interview. I’ll always give them a headline.

“It’s about getting to know someone don’t just read your list of questions. Don’t try and trick me by asking the same question in different ways.”

Singer Stacey Soloman added: “I think you have to be a nice person.

“If you want to get ahead you have to be nice to people and make friends. Being a genuinely good person and having a moral compass works.”

UPDATED: Brand support from social media celebrities like Zoella “crucial” says L’Oreal PR manager

By Katie Haseldine

Involving famous bloggers and YouTubers is crucial when launching and promoting a brand, according to a PR manager for a global beauty company.

Melanie Green, digital engagement and communications manager for IT Cosmetics, presented an ‘influencer pyramid’ to demonstrate how PR teams target their audiences through public figures to get their brand out there and known.

The basic idea is to build a community which involves both social media influencers, like YouTube vlogger Zoella, and consumers with the brand. [Read more…]

LIVE: ‘Lippy’ BBC Lauren became an award winning journalist

By Ian Molyneaux

A senior broadcast reporter at the BBC has told students that she grew into working in journalism.

Lauren Potts, who works for BBC News online, was initially unsure whether working in newspapers was for her.

At her first job as a reporter on Pontefract and Castleford Express she ended up on probation after being described as ‘lippy’ by her editor.

She said: ” I remember being taken for a meeting with Mark, the group editor. I was sat down and Rebecca, my editor, told him I was giving her a lot of lip. He told me I should be spending that lip getting some better stories.”

Lauren recovered and ended up specialising in council and court reporting while at the paper, winning the NCTJ’s Reporter of the Year. [Read more…]

LIVE: L’Oreal PR manager snuck into Selfridges’ head office to get ahead

By Lizzy McEllan

A PR manager for a global beauty brand got her big break into the industry by sneaking into the head office at Selfridges in Manchester and accosting the events manager.

Melanie Green’s bold move saw her going from shop floor assistant to PR intern for the beauty hall at Selfridges, Manchester.

Speaking to students at Leeds Trinity University’s Journalism Week, Melanie said persistence and networking were the key to getting a dream job.

Melanie said: “I stood outside the management office at Selfridges and I snuck in behind someone with their pass. I introduced myself and said ‘if there’s anyway I can help you with an event I’m here to help.'”

She added: “Nobody would turn that down.” [Read more…]

UPDATED: North Korea regime ‘displeased’ by new BBC service

By Rosie Hughes

North Koreans are running the risk of being sent to hard-labour camps by listening to downloads of BBC programmes which have been smuggled across the border.

Footage provided by the new BBC Korean Service is being picked up by smugglers who then sell it at their local markets, according to the service editor Declan Wilson.

[Read more…]

LIVE: How a weasel flying a woodpecker led to 34 million web hits for BBC

By Simon Crowe

A picture of a weasel hitching a ride on the back of a flying woodpecker led to one of journalist Declan Wilson’s most popular pieces of work for the BBC gaining over 34.3 million hits online.

Wilson was intrigued when he came across the picture on Twitter and flagged it up to the news desk who eventually proved it was not a fake.

[Read more…]

VIDEO PODCAST: Day three round-up

The focus was on tech on the third day of Journalism Week at Leeds Trinity University.


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UPDATED: Think you’re hidden online? Think again, says Neil Smith

By Alex Smith

Social media accounts and personal details may not be as private as users think, students were told at Leeds Trinity Journalism Week.

Neil Smith is the co-founder and executive officer of research and investigations at Qwarie Ltd, a company that specialises in legally obtaining information online. [Read more…]

UPDATED: Barnsley set to swap mining for metadata

By Tania Jacquier

The sleepy South Yorkshire town of Barnsley is set to become Yorkshire’s answer to Silicon Valley, according to a northern tech expert.

Kane Fulton, Tech North’s Yorkshire community engagement manager, says Barnsley is positioning itself as a specialist centre for the Internet of Things, which includes WiFi connected doorbells and grocery-ordering fridges.

The town is working with TechTown, a thinktank that aims to help cities and towns thrive in the digital age.

Start-ups are now being encouraged to apply to the programme for a chance to get 12 weeks working at Barnsley’s flourishing Digital Media Centre, under the direction and mentorship of big businesses. 

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PODCAST: Day two round-up



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