Meet the team

Meet the post-graduate team covering Journalism Week 2016.
This year the team will be using the iphone 5 to cover all the events on a multi-media platform.

The reporters:

Henry Valentine
I’m Henry Valantine and I’m currently on the MA Journalism course at Leeds Trinity.
My background is in sports journalism, and I’m lucky enough to have had an eclectic mix of work experience over the past three years. This includes working at The Guardian, Yorkshire Evening Post, Ole Media, Radio Aire, and I am in my second season of working as a club journalist at York City Football Club, as well as freelancing for the Press Association.
I also make up one-third of the new Flat Cap Footy Podcast, which is available to listen to on Soundcloud every Thursday.

Kelly-Ann Woodward

I’m Kelly-Ann Woodward. I’m originally from Crewe and have lived and studied in Leeds for five years. I studied English at Leeds Trinity University for my undergraduate degree and loved it that much that I stayed on to do a MA Journalism course. My friends describe me as a bubbly person who could talk the back legs off a donkey (and drink copious amounts of tea).

As an avid reader of Cosmopolitan and Vogue it has been my dream to go into fashion journalism and hopefully work for one of these prestigious magazines in the future. I am looking forward to developing my journalistic skills throughout Journalism Week to prepare me for a prosperous future.


I’m Lina Arshad. Having just finished my English Language undergraduate degree at Newcastle University in June, I reverted back to my original aspirations, leading me to the MA Journalism course at Leeds Trinity University. My favourite part of my undergraduate course was the child language aspect of it, which saw me basing my dissertation on a discussion on to what extent there is a link between social class and language development in children.

My main interest is magazine journalism, and my dream job would be working in the beauty department of Elle magazine, sharing my passion for all things beauty and cosmetic. In my spare time I am usually slowly working my way through the assigned readings from Morrison’s ‘Public Affairs for Journalists’ or spending too much money whilst binge reading beauty blogs/vlogs.



I’m Jack Goodman and I’ve spent all my life living in Leeds, apart from three years in Chester whilst I completed my undergraduate degree in English Literature and Criminology.

After completing my degree in July 2015, I spent a year honing my coffee-making skills (which I think could be beneficial in journalism!) by working full time in a coffee shop whilst saving up money to put towards studying a Masters in Journalism, which I began in September this year.

My interest in journalism developed through my love of football, and following Leeds United. I spent many Saturday afternoons sat by a radio listening to the local coverage of their matches, and realised that it was a career that I would be interested in pursuing. After a few experiences in the radio workplace, I got a real taste for it and realised that broadcasting was something I wanted to pursue further.


Hi, I’m Anna Riley. I’m a proud Yorkshire lass and graduated from Newcastle University with a law degree in 2012. Following university, I decided not to pursue a legal career and instead went on to work in the IT software sales industry.

After working with the NHS in my role and also jetting off to in China and India to peddle software to international health organisations, I decided on a change of career and swapped marketing presentations for news hunting.
My claim to fame is winning the title of ‘British Kneeboard Champion’ through achieving the highest score in my category for the water sport during a national competition. I have now hung up my wetsuit, but like to travel and see new places in my spare time and have visited Europe including Russia and South East Asia this year.


I’m Elle Rigby, I studied an English and Sociology undergraduate at Leeds University before starting my postgraduate Journalism Masters at Trinity.

I’ve always loved writing, but only committed random acts of journalism over the course of my degree through my (much neglected) blog, some fleeting attempts at kayaking kit reviews and features, and an article or two on The Tab.

Yet, with my inability to throw away any vogue magazine since I was 15 (sorry dad, I know the attic is filling up), I realised that journalism was the path for me. I would love to be able play a part in creating a magazine or being part of the new digital journalistic opportunities that are happening now. I hope that this course kicks off my journalistic career as, unfortunately, I am yet to make an impact on google trends…

Oliver Lines

Hi, I’m Oliver Lines. After graduating from the University of Central Lancashire in July 2015, I took a year out and I am now on the MA Journalism course at Leeds Trinity. Since I started my undergraduate degree, I have written for a variety of outlets including the Yorkshire Evening Post, Sky Sports Online, a host of American sports websites, and the Rugby Football League. I also used to host UCLan Soccer Saturday on student radio.

I now regularly freelance for the Birmingham Mail, its sister publication the Sunday Mercury, The Non-League Paper, and The Rugby Paper.

Sam Brooksbank

I’m Sam Brooksbank.  My background lies in radio production and mainly in sports radio broadcasting.  I’m currently a Broadcast Assistant at BBC Radio Leeds, I make sure that the football shows on a weekend go out on air and put all post-match interviews are put up online.

My other experience has involved working in a live newsroom with Radio Aire and also working for The Mob Film Company as a runner on film shoots including working with both Manchester United and Manchester City.  I also make up one-third of the new Flat Cap Footy Podcast which is available on Soundcloud every Thursday.

Alex Miller

I’m Alex Miller, a born and bred Leeds lad on the MA Journalism course here at Leeds Trinity University.

Having graduated from LTU with a degree in Sports Journalism in 2014, I have been lucky enough to enjoy a small amount of experience in the sports journalism industry, having had freelance work featured in The Telegraph, The Yorkshire Post, Goal and Vice Sports among others.

Alongside my studies, I currently write for The Yorkshire Evening Post as a local football reporter, do live commentary work for Live Sports FM and freelance elsewhere. Along with my colleagues Sam Brooksbank and Henry Valantine, I also feature on The Flat Cap Footy Podcast.

Sean Gannon

Hi, I’m Sean Gannon and I’m currently doing the MA Journalism course at Leeds Trinity University.

I’m a relative newcomer to journalism, with a background in games design. Having said that, I’m quickly taking to it, thanks in part to a set of transferable skills acquired during my education and through a variety of job roles in admin and quality assurance.

So far, I’ve written for a personal gaming blog and penned articles for Yorkshire Voice, a local news website partnered with the University. I’d like to eventually become a gaming journalist, since it remains a hobby, but I’m more than willing to try new things and explore other branches of newswriting.


I’m Matthew Brannen, 25, from Billingham, in the North East of England. I graduated from Leeds Trinity University in Theology this summer and decided to diversify a little and move into journalism with the MA Course.

Once upon a time I was training to be a Roman Catholic Priest which took me to Spain for a year and Birmingham for a little longer. Along with a collection of other experiences including working for a commercial vehicle hire company, it would be fair to say I have my fingers in many pies. I am an avid politics watcher with a passion for community journalism and an obvious interest in faith and religion.

I’m looking forward to wading through the wealth of journalistic experience all our Journalism Week speakers share with us and using those pearls of wisdom to build a career in the industry.

Tom Connell

I’m Tom Connell, 23. After graduating with a Politics degree from Sheffield Hallam University I got my first taste for journalism by starting work experience at a radio station. This exciting insight into the trade led me to join Leeds Trinity’s postgraduate course this year.

During my time at Minster FM I reported on a range of news stories. Covering York City Football Club during the 2015/16 season was a highlight despite their relegation from the Football League. I have also contributed to a weekly sports preview show on community radio for the past two years. Sport has always been hugely important to me and the next best thing to playing is watching and reporting on it.



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