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UPDATED: Virgin Radio’s David Brain recalls his run in with Kelvin MacKenzie

By Rosie Hughes and Tania Jacquier

Trinity graduate David Brain recalled his run-in with Britain’s most infamous tabloid editor during Journalism Week.

David began his career at Talksport –when the CEO was Kelvin MacKenzie. The ex-editor of The Sun is remembered by many for the paper’s coverage of the Hillsborough disaster.

David remembers getting criticism from Kelvin when he took calls from listeners on the station. One said he was from Birmingham, so that was how David described where he was from to the studio.

He said: “Kelvin walked into the studio and stood behind me, and he leaned down and looked at the screen. And he said, ‘There’s three million people in Birmingham – where?’

“Three months later he walked back in to the studio and he stood behind me again. He looked down at the screen and said, ‘That’s better,’ and he walked out.” [Read more…]

UPDATED: TV Anna – We had to think quickly to cover Manchester terror attack


By Lizzy McEllan

The Manchester Arena bombing was like “nothing we’ve ever covered before”, says TV reporter Anna Riley.

The attack happened when Anna was on a two-week trial at That’s Manchester TV before she had even finished her MA Journalism course at Leeds Trinity University.

The bomb at the Ariana Grande concert in May killed 22 people and injured a further 250.

Now editor of That’s York TV, Anna said: “When I was in Manchester, the bombing happened. That was just mad because I had never covered anything like that before and the station hadn’t either. It was thinking on your feet for what to do.

“We were just going out doing mobile journalism.” [Read more…]

UPDATED: Radio still has power to attract audiences in an online world

By Melissa Dzinzi and Lizzy McEllan

A presenter says radio still has magic even in the online world.

Trax radio presenter Alex Cann says 90 per cent of people still listen to the radio despite the explosion in online platforms.

He said: “We do Twitter and Facebook but traditional radio is still where it’s at. The majority of people still tune into radio which is great considering all the other things that are out there.

“With radio it’s just you speaking to the listener. Radio still has the magic. The listener still gets to know that presenter and feels like they know them. I think that’s still special. It’s still got that power even in 2017.”

Alex gives his tips and advice at Journalism Week about the things he has learnt since he has been in the industry. He has worked in local radio for the last fifteen years and recently took over as host of the Trax FM Breakfast Show in Doncaster. [Read more…]

UPDATED: Sara defies the odds as a deaf entrepreneur

By Tania Jacquier and Rosie Hughes

“To be a journalist means you have to communicate with people. And deaf people aren’t very good at communicating,” said Sara Hawthorn’s careers adviser at school.

She took that advice, and ignored it.

Sara is deaf, fully in her right ear and partially in the left. She wears hearing aids which she describes as ‘wonderful things’, but is frustrated by the lack of diversity in creative industries, where she says only between two per cent and six per cent of people have some kind of disability.

For her, it was being told she couldn’t do something because of her disability which spurred her to do it, but she is concerned that others are put off by such advice.

She said: “I was given a leaflet for banking, but I wasn’t very good at maths so I don’t know how they thought that was going to work.” [Read more…]

UPDATED: Celebs like Wayne Rooney help Leeds Rhinos achieve online success


By Alex Smith

TWEETING STARS like Wayne Rooney and Nicola Adams has helped Leeds Rhinos develop boast the largest social media following of any rugby league team in the world.

Under head of media and PR, Phil Daly, the Rhinos have developed a reputation for digital innovation, and currently boast over 171,000 followers on Twitter, more than the giant teams of the Australian NRL. [Read more…]

VIDEO PODCAST: Day one round-up

UPDATE: Clever Facebook headlines and tweets are key to getting clicks


By Katie Hasledine and Tania Jacquier

With digital journalism on the rise, there is increasing competition on social media to break stories and ‘get clicks’.

Alex Evans, social media editor of the Yorkshire Evening Post, told Journalism Week about the importance of using the right platform to grab the online readership.

Facebook Live, which allows an individual or publisher to film and share footage live to their following audience, is a major advantage for digital journalism. [Read more…]

UPDATED: Fleet Street Fox – journalists will face bullies and bullets

Fleet Street Fox

Fleet Street Fox at Journalism Week

By Rebecca Marano

TRAINEE reporters were advised to get self defence classes by a newspaper columnist who says sexual harassment is the least of a journalist’s problems.

Susie Boniface, known as the Fleet Street Fox, told the audience at Leeds Trinity University’s Journalism Week that reporters would be likely to face anything from bullies to bullets and lumps of wood to dangerous dogs. [Read more…]

UPDATED: Ex-England footballer Paul Stewart tells how he trusted Mirror journalist to tell his sex abuse story

By Simon Crowe, Ian Molyneaux and Tania Jacquier

Ex-England footballer Paul Stewart still lives with regret when reflecting on his footballing career – asking himself if he could have done more to help other youngsters.

Despite courageously going public with the sexual abuse he suffered as a child, with the help of Mirror journalist Jeremy Armstrong, he still feels guilt when he looks back to the start of his career.

At his first club Blackpool, Paul was forced to interact with his abuser due to him being a coach at the club.

Speaking to the Journalism Week audience, Paul said:  “I had to face him on a weekly basis and see another child with him and I knew what was happening but I was young and wanted to make it.” [Read more…]