UPDATED: Charlie Hebdo attack shows importance of making fun of authority, says Star scribbler


By Kelly-Ann Woodward

Being a satirical cartoonist has become a dangerous profession alongside being a journalist, according to a leading cartoonist.

James Whitworth, a daily cartoonist from the Sheffield Star, told students at Leeds Trinity University’s Journalism Week just how dangerous being an artist can be. There have been many circumstances where this has become apparent.

The terrorism attack on Charlie Hebdo in January 2015 was primarily because of the controversial satirical content that was published about Mohammed.

James said: “Being a cartoonist becomes a dangerous profession when you are offending someone. Figures in authority hate cartoonists for this reason.”

The terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo was a moment that was sad and unfunny – like any terrorist attack is – but being a daily cartoonist means that you have to draw a satirical cartoon on events like these.

James states this as a great problem with being a cartoonist, especially a daily one. [Read more…]

James Whitworth: I went from covering supermarkets to landing my dream job drawing the news

By Kelly-Ann Woodward

Being a cartoonist is a difficult career to get into and for James Whitworth it was no different to get where he is today.

James started his climb up the ladder by being a journalist working for the likes of the Sheffield Telegraph and freelancing for many publications such as The Guardian and the Big Issue.

News has always been a great interest of James but writing stories about local supermarket openings wasn’t the type of news he wanted to cover.

James said: “I have always wanted to be a cartoonist and I have always been interested in news.


“It is extremely hard to get into as it is not a job that is broadly advertised.”

He later worked as a feature writer before finally getting his big break to become a full-time cartoonist and now has a daily cartoon in the Sheffield Star alongside drawing for other publications. [Read more…]