Leading Sky News reporter: Brexit will require journalists to challenge authority

By Tom Connell

Sky’s award-winning North of England correspondent Gerard Tubb is returning to speak at Leeds Trinity University’s Journalism Week for a second time.

Gerard has covered several high profile stories in Leeds alone in recent years, most notably reporting to viewers that kidnap victim Shannon Matthews had been found even before West Yorkshire police had formally identified her.

Gerard began his career in local radio before moving into television. He believes that the role of journalists is to hold power to account. He explained that this is something that is not being done successfully currently.

He said: “We have a responsibility as journalists and I think we have been found wanting.” He believes challenging authority is extremely important in light of Brexit and the outcome of the US election.

During his 22 years with Sky News, Gerard uncovered evidence used in court cases and prompted the retirement of a senior government minister. His work has earned him a BAFTA nomination and New York Festivals Investigative Journalism Award.

Gerard has not been one to play things safe during his time with Sky News. He played a central role in an email scandal in 2008 when he accessed emails belonging to John Darwin, famous for faking his own death. The action was later deemed to be in the public interest. [Read more…]

From milking cows to the front seat of history – Sky News journalist’s rise to fame – UPDATED

Gerard Tubb, the North of England correspondent for Sky News

Gerard Tubb, the North of England correspondent for Sky News

Honesty, nosiness, attitude and a healthy disregard for authority are a vital part of being a successful journalist, according to Sky News’ North of England correspondent.

Quoting former foreign correspondent Nicholas Tomalin, Gerard Tubb insisted that the only qualities essential for a career in journalism are rat-like cunning, a plausible manner and a little literary ability. [Read more…]